Rule #1 Keep her out of the light. 

Rule #2 Keep her away from water.

Rule #3 The most important rule, the rule you can never forget—no matter how much she cries, or how much she begs, never, never feed her after midnight.

Hello, hellions! Welcome to my cave. My name is Mai (like may), and I'm a weirdo from Canada who likes to write. I typically write anything from dark fiction to campy horror, but I also have a non-fiction strange but true story in the works 👀

I created this website for two reasons: first, to get some writing out there before I die; and second, to reach out to all the demons out there ✋


Oh, I know I'm not the only one. We all have our secrets. I love exploring the darker sides of human nature. Writing (and reading) has always been a way for me to escape, but lately, I've been using writing to face my demons and make friends with them. Turns out they're a lot of fun! And as long as I keep feeding them snacks and letting them out to play, they promise not to eat the cats.

Your darkness is powerful. Embrace it! Celebrate it! Channel it! And don't kill anyone. See here for further instructions.

Thanks for coming by. Stay awhile and explore. There's lots of trouble to get into here:

Flash Fiction & Poetry - In case you need a little snack

Killer English - Grammar and punctuation for the disturbed

Exercise the Demons - The game is to not die. Ready?


Demons dancing in a circle